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dental crownThe Medical Tourism Office™ was born out of necessity.  Founder, Dr.  Knox is a Travel Chiropractor to under served areas of the Caribbean and has been so since 2010. Routes have included Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Curacao, Jamaica, St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos just to name a few.  After years of transecting the Caribbean delivering care, Dr. Knox discovered that Dominican Republic was the best kept secret for receiving state of the art healthcare that was 75% OFF as compared to the English, French and Dutch Caribbean.  For example, a dental crown installation quote from various dentists in Anguilla averages about $800-1000 USD per tooth.

On the other hand you can fly out of Sint Maarten to Santo Domingo and have the same procedure done in a state of the art dental facility adjacent to the airport for less than $600 USD plane ticket included via InselAir or PAWA.  This is made possible because that same dental crown installation cost only $240 USD in Dominican Republic which is about 70% Off the Anguilla price. >>>

In the Caribbean, medical tourism is experiencing exceptional growth in Cayman islands and Puerto Rico. But the industry still has a few critical obstacles to overcome.  First, is the transparency issue of testimonials posted on the website of the clinic owners.

For the smart consumer, this is a no-no and should set off alarms and buzzers.  Reviews or testimonials should always be done by a 3rd party review platform to solve the problem of building trust, especially with new leads.

Using a 3rd party review platform like amazon would solve this problem instantly because most of the web already trusts the amazon brand. And most importantly, everyone that uses amazon, uses the reviews to guide them in making a purchase decision.

Secondly, a trustworthy and transparent review system would force doctors, clinics and hospitals to raise the standard of care forcing them to do a better job because they’ll know that the whole world can finally see their real product reviews.

And finally, by using amazon to accept patient payments for medical tourism packages, makes paying easier because amazon already has your credit card on file.  And then imagine printing your amazon receipt to attach your insurance company claim form for reimbursement.

Medical Tourism Office™

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